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Bike Share vs Bike Rental

We are often asked “What is Biki Bike Share”?

The main differences between biki bike share and bike rentals are the duration of the trip and the network of pick-up / drop-off locations. Bike share emphasizes short trips from one Biki Bike Share Stop to another within the network, while bike rentals are typically intended for longer, recreational rides with one pick-up and drop-off location. *

Bike share was conceived to provide ‘last-mile’ transportation for commuters. We love that bike share helps to relieve traffic congestion and pollution in our city, since workers downtown and in Waikiki can grab a bike near their home or bus stop.  That said, we believe we have a much better option for vacationers.

Rent a Bike from Bikeadelic

The hands-on customer service that we provide to each of our visitors truly defines our “Aloha on Two Wheels”.  We listen to you–What type of rider are you?  What type of experience do you want to explore the island? Are you concerned about riding a bike in Waikiki?  We’ll then offer the appropriate bike in the right size; get it adjusted for an better fit and go over the operation of the bike, if you desire. We give you a proper-fitting helmet, show you how to lock the bike so you can safely leave it and explore your surroundings.  We’ll point out your chosen route on our detailed map of Waikiki’s 5 Best Rides, make sure you have water and send you on your way.  Not wanting it all DIY? We have guided bike tours of some of the most scenic rides in Waikiki. Or we can customize a ride for you.  What a memorable experience for your family gathering, wedding party!

We rent high-quality, well-maintained bikes

Bikedelic has a variety bike styles and sizes; above all, our six bike sizes fit folks from under 5 feet to well over 6 feet tall. We also have 2 sizes of bikes for kids, something bike share can’t provide.  Want more? We’ve created this short chart below to help explain the main differences between bike share and bike rental.  Ready to rent now?

Feature Bike Rental Bike Share
Helmet Yes No
U-lock Yes No
Route Map Yes No
Water bottle holder Yes No
Personalized Bike Overview Yes No
# of Gears 20+ 3
Weight of bike <30# >40#
Good for Hills Yes No
Rate for 1 Hour $7 $7
Rate for 4 Hours $25 $28
Rate for 1 Day (8 hr day) $39 $56
Multi-day Rates Yes No
Guided Tours Yes No

The data above is a representation of both services and is not a listing of bike specifications. 

*from gobiki.org