Frequently Asked Questions

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Hours | Getting Here

Operating Hours?
We are open 365 days a year, from 8 am until 7 pm.
Can I find bike rentals near me?
We are right off Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii, on Kaiulani Avenue.  Kalakaua is the main street that runs west to east along Waikiki Beach.  We’re steps away, between Hawaii Casuals and the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel; across the street from the Hyatt and Urban Outfitters.

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Renting Questions

Do I have to reserve in advance?
Reservations are not required, but are encourage to ensure we have your preferred bike available. Sport and Pro level bikes have limited size availability, so reservations are strongly encouraged.
What's your Cancellation Policy?

Reservations cancelled more than 72 hours (3 days) before scheduled pickup can receive a full refund. Reservations cancelled within 72 hours will forfeit the first full day rental, but can be refunded for additional days, if applicable.

What is this Biki Bike Share?
Bike share was conceived to provide ‘last-mile’ transporation for commuters.  Check out our comparison between bike share and bike rental.
What does the insurance cover?
Insurance covers accidental damage caused to the bicycle during the rental period. Damage such as broken spokes, flat tires, shifting issues, etc would be covered so long as not intentional or caused by reckless riding. Insurance for our basic bikes also covers theft. A lock is provided and must be used. But insurance can provide extra peace of mind. If insurance is not purchased, you will be responsible for the repair or replacement value of parts or complete bikes.
What are the laws for bike riding in Hawaii?
In Hawaii bicycles are considered vehicles and subject to the same rules and rights as cars. Generally speaking you’re required to ride to the right of the lane, or within a bike lane. Signal your turns, stop at stop signs and stop lights. Avoid riding on sidewalks in business districts.

For more detailed laws visit –

We also have detailed safety pamphlets in our shop.

If I rent overnight or for multiple days, can you store my bike overnight?
Of course! We are happy to store bikes overnight, or even for a few hours as you grab lunch nearby. Many hotels allow you to bring your bike to your room, or store with the bellman. We discourage locking your bike outside overnight, and require sport and pro bikes to be stored inside overnight. If your hotel has any questions, we are happy to talk with them. Otherwise, we are happy to store you bike if desired
Are helmets required? Do we need to bring our own?
Helmets are required by law for riders under the age of 16. We encourage all riders to wear helmets and provide them free of charge. Helmets are known to reduce risk of head injury and we think your head is worth protecting.
What if I return early?
We have a 2 hour minimum on Basic and Sport level bikes, and a half day minimum on Pro level bikes. If you return earlier than originally planned we will pro-rate your rental accordingly.
How old must I be to rent a bike?
You must be 18 years old to rent a bicycle. Those under 18 are welcome to rent a bicycle with a parent or guardian.
Do you offer any discounts?
Be sure to mention if you are Kama’aina, Military, or an Airline Employee when you pick up your bike. We offer discounts on day rates and longer. If you are visiting with a large group, feel free to email us your information and we can put together a package for you.
Can you bring my bike to me?
At this time we do not offer hotel delivery or pickup. Check back soon as we plan to expand this option soon.

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Bike Questions

Do you rent high performance road bikes?
Yes! We rent Trek’s full carbon fiber road bike; you’ll find it in our Pro bike category.  Pro bikes come with seat bags and a toolkit that includes a tube, patch kit, levers and 2 CO2’s. We have a variety of clipless pedals for the pro bikes, so you just need to bring your shoes. 
What happens if I get a flat tire?
Our basic bikes and electric bikes have flat-resistant tubes and tires, so hopefully you won’t have to deal with any flat tires. With our sport and pro level bikes, we are happy to provide a flat repair kit and pump upon request. If you do have a flat tire, please return the bike to the shop and we will repair it. We do not charge for flat tires, however we are currently unable to provide any remote repairs or pickups. If you plan to ride a long distance, we recommend taking a pump and repair kit with you (provided free of charge).
Are locks provided?
Yes, a u-lock style lock is provided with our basic and sport bikes. Our pro level bikes are not provided with a lock as these are not permitted to be locked up and must remain with you at all time. We are happy to store the bike while you have lunch or overnight if desired.  All of our bikes include seat and wheel locks as well as so you can stop wherever you want!
Can I carry stuff on my bike?
Yes! Our bikes are equipped with a handlebar pack for your personal items and a rack to carry beach towels or anything under 50lbs. We also offer free rental of baskets if you prefer. Racks do not come with our Pro bikes.
What do you have for infants and toddlers?
Children at least 6 months old can ride in either the child carrier or bike trailer.  The child carrier has a 40 pound (18 kg) limit; the trailer 100 pounds (45 kg).  We also have helmets available for infants and toddlers.
What about for bigger kids?
We have a variety of kids bicycles and tag-a-long bikes. Fun for the whole family!
Do you have surfboard racks?
Unfortunately at this time we do not provide surfboard racks. Thankfully the beach is only a block away!

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Route Questions

Can I ride a bike to the top of the Diamond Head crater?
While there is a path to the top of Diamond Head, this is strictly a hiking trail. We do encourage you to ride your bike into the crater ($1 entry fee for people walking/biking) and use the provided bike racks to lock your bike. The path may seem rideable at first, but quickly becomes steeper and includes stairs.
Is Honolulu/Waikiki bike friendly?
In recent years Hawaii has been making advances when it comes to bike lanes, paths, and shared roadways. There are many bike lanes and paths to choose from. However, like most cities there are some missing links and crowded streets. We are happy to show you a route that would suit your comfort level. There are many great sites a short distance from Waikiki with bike lanes the whole way. There are also great rides that do require some city riding, which we’re happy to provide advice on how best to navigate.
What are the laws for bike riding in Hawaii?
In Hawaii bicycles are considered vehicles and subject to the same rules and rights as cars. Generally speaking you’re required to ride to the right of the lane, or within a bike lane. Signal your turns, stop at stop signs and stop lights. Avoid riding on sidewalks in business districts.

For more detailed laws visit –

We also have detailed safety pamphlets in our shop.

Do you have guided tours?

Yes! We offer guided tours daily. Visit our Guided Tours page for more information. We recommend booking at least a day in advance. For custom tours and large groups you can send us an inquiry from the tours page.

Where should we ride?
Hey–we are the home of Waikiki’s 5 Best Rides! Everyone on staff regularly rides all over the island. We’re happy to show you our suggested routes and provide you with a (free) detailed map. There are some great hikes, waterfalls, historic sites, and delicious restaurants all within biking distance from our shop.
Can I find a group ride while I'm here?

Yes! We have a shop ride that leaves at 4:30pm sharp on Wednesday (it’s a fast paced ride). Plus there are a number of club and group rides throughout the week. Check out the Hawaii Bicycle League’s calendar for more information. Additionally, ask our staff if there is particular level of ride you are hoping for, we’re here to help!

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Electric Bike Questions

How fast do the electric bikes go?

Our e-bikes are pedal-assist and are in line with Class 1 US standards, which is a maximum of 20 mph (32 kph).

What does pedal-assist mean?
Our electric bikes are pedal-assist; you still pedal like a regular bike but set the mode for as much help as you would from the electric motor.  There are 4 settings from Eco (you pedal more) to Turbo (maximum help from the motor).  There is no throttle on the e-bike.
Do I need a license to ride an electric bike?
No!  An electric bike does however, follow the same rules of the road as a standard bike.
How long does the battery last?
Depending on the mode you select, the battery can last from 20-60 miles. If you plan a longer or multi-day ride, we offer free overnight and charging.