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Carl’s Fund





Carl Brooks is headed to Texas for the 2019 No Country for Old Men race in October. Let’s show him some love and help off-set some of his trip costs. Bikeadelic is happy to have Carl as part of our team and wish him the best of luck during the race! Consider this like a go-fund-me that doesn’t take a cut….

From Colin Cross: I know these are “old” now, but I held onto them forever hoping to get a gofundme together for Carl Brooks Race Across America qualifying race, No Country for Old Men. Anyway, this race is coming up in October, in West Texas. It’s gonna cost a bit more than the entry fee that I paid after a couple too many beers… So if you you’re in these picture and like them, want to use them for Facebook, want to print them, etc., be cool and donate below (or Paypal some $$$ to [email protected]). We’re not asking for much, but do take a moment to reflect on the price of a wheelset or hell, even a set of tires.

Even if you didn’t race, it’s totally cool to help out if Carl has ever helped you out… and if you’ve been around for any period of time, you know he has.

Like with a click, love with your wallet!

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